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Just too delicious to resist.




The boy who played Danny in “The Shining” had no idea he was filming for a horror movie. From Cracked: 

Lloyd just thought they were making a movie about a family in a hotel. He wasn’t even really sure how much he was getting paid to be there. He was only ever shown severely edited footage that took out all the scary parts, which essentially means he thought he was filming the most boring snoozefest ever created, because without the iconic scenes of terror, The Shining is a movie about three people wandering around in cavernous, brooding silence.

Lloyd didn’t see the actual uncut movie until many years later as a teenager, and suddenly everything clicked into place — those two nice British girls with whom he used to play and share lunch in between takes? They were ax-murdered ghosts who wanted his soul. That nice Jack Nicholson man who did a funny tomahawk dance when Lloyd accidentally wandered on set one day? Jack was slobberingly hacking his way through a bathroom door to murder Lloyd’s onscreen mother only moments prior.

That must have been the biggest mindfuck of his life.

Clever way to put a kid in a scary movie and still keep his innocence if you ask me. Now he’s got bragging rights for being in a classic.



what the fuck is this

i scrolled down for an explanation and there was none

I’m walking everywhere like this from now on.

Quite possibly the best/worst fortune cookie fortune ever.


anyone who doesnt like cheese can



this photo is legendary 

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